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OCTOBER 04, 6:03pm


G'day all! Please read the last enry if you haven't already, my technical difficulties have regretably surpassed my vast knowledge & I have decided to move to thanks for putting up with me!



OCTOBER 03, 4:00pm

Hullo all! I hope you all enjoy the new layout, I thought it was very much more me compared to the last one. I know I haven't written in a while but I've been very busy, what with the end of school term and everything else. I haven't really stopped to breathe until just recently. I'll try not to make this entry too long and over drawn, but when you haven't written in so long and so much has happened it's a bit hard. All my next ramblings aren't going to be in any particular chronoligcal order, so you have to guess when it all happened. A little while ago I was at work and I was calling out a drink, this woman whispers to me, "I haven't ordered a drink, but can I talk to you for a second?" "Um, yeah sure" I reply. "Just lean in a little closer, I don't want to embarass you." She says It's about now that I start thinking, 'oh god, she's going to tell me where I can get plastic surgery cheap or something dreadful like that' But! She then says, "If you or any of your friends are interested in having a boyfriend so-and-so is currently studying economics at whats-zits university and also calls bingo on a saturday night at the southern cross club, interested?" I had to stifle the tears of laughter and politely choke out a 'No-thankyou!' Needless to say I couldn't stop laughing for the next half hour, and then my manager was propositioned in DJ's on her break!!! Why do strange people always feel the need to proposition me? I must attract them somehow. My littlest sister Julia (in year three) had her first communion a little while ago. She was so excited, (so was I for that matter), and she did a reading and did it so well, I was so proud!! And she looked gorgeous in her little white dress and shoes. We had a massive feast at home afterwards with friends and family. We had tarts from the Silo bakery. Normally i'm allowed a small piece, but that day I got to eat three of my favourite, lemon. I gorged myself, it was soooooooooo good! I'm so proud of my sister & i love her to bits, it was a really special occasion for the whole family. My uncle sent me down his old phone! Now this may not sound very exciting, but it is when you consider my old phone was on display at a museum and I had to order in batteries from Tokyo to feed it, plus it was made by mitsubishi, they make cars, and by the looks of my old phone, they aren't very accustomed to making small things! The old phone that my uncle sent down is a nokia 3210, which, although old, is a vast improvement on my last one. Its surprising how fast i've been yuppie-ised, but i don't really care! I have a new ringtone too! Dancing in the moonlight by toploader. I was so excited! The day before yesterday was royal vegetarian day, (according to will from work, I don't know, he might have been lying?) So i got very excited and enterprising all at once, which is not a good combination in me, because it normally means i'll do something about it, which i did! I made corn/wholemeal bread from scratch all by myself (no recipie! - jamie would be proud) then turned half of it into yummy vego-mexican pizzas and the other half into gennaro bread, which is filled with left-over fridge goodies and cooked in mini terracotta pots. I was so proud that it all worked out, and tasted great too! Anyway this entry is getting excessively long, so I ight leave it at that for now. Please sign the guestbook! SIGN ME! I love you all! Enjoy your holidays! Irene :)


Hullo! A lot happened this week, and I'm really sleepy at the moment so I apolagise if I leave anything out. I have so much school work and no time to do it in - STRESS! But all will be okay, at least that's what I keep telling myself. On tuesday and wednesday all year twelves had the AST. I didn't really think much of it beforehand, to be honest, but it was really draining and exhausting. I think my essay will be a riot for the markers to read. We got given all this stimulus on new technological advances & what not. So I decided to write about how we are becoming too dependent on gadgets and gizmos, and what would we do if there was suddenly a massive prolonged power shortage or something. I wrote how before we know it we'll be dependent upon things like polyphonic ring tones and salad spinners. (I know it sounds stupid, but you think about how many people you hear saying they couldn't live without their mobile phone as opposed to twenty years ago) My title was, "Salad Spinners - Only $19.95 PLUS Your Independence!" Yeah, I know, I probably failed, sorry guys. On Thursday I had the best day ever, in a while. I had a double free and I managed to write my whole art assignments in the 100 minute time frame. It was 2500 words, impressed? I sure was, I didn't know I had that in me!! Then after I went to woden with Elyse, Cazz & Liz (Hullo guys!) & Had coffee and a really nice lunch (mungbean noodles - again!) I felt great after getting so much school work done, and I got to spend the afternoon singing (choir) my favourite past time! What a fantastic day! Friday afternoon, not so good, very scary in fact. I went to lincraft to pickup some material, which incidently was damaged so I couldn't get it, and there was this guy there, sort of in my way. So I moved aside to let him pass. He started walking toward me very slowly and says in this low voice, "Do you want one?" I said, "Do I want one what?" he says, "A root" I say 'No Thankyou!" In disgust & walk off. He follows me until I get on the first bus I find! I was absolutely terrified, I couldn't stop shaking for hours afterwards. Yuk, don't think I'll be going back to civic on my lonesome for a while! On saturday I had Cazz's 18th party at montezumas. The theme was hair metal & I have to congratulate Cazz on her gene simmons style make-up. The party was lots of fun. Its good to catch up with friends in a non-schooling environment. I went as a groupie in fishnets, a black tank top, dark eye make-up & a denim skirt which was very vertically challenged - not my normal attire! But it was a laugh to wear something different. Although I nearly stepped out with a floral handbag - thanks mum for helping me avoid looking like a heavy metal groupie with a feminine side! Well thats it for now, more later when I can be bothered typing! Oh, & a big hullo to syari if you're reading this - yay, you found it! Gubai! ~Love Irene // posted by Irene @ 7.9.03

AUGUST 29, 5:56PM

Hullo all! This week had been odd. A bit of a mis matchy sort of week. I left school early on monday & scored my first ever detention in the history of all my schooling years. I was not impressed, to say the least. So very unjust - I didn't even miss any classes! Sheesh! I just wish I could've gone right the way through my schooling without ever getting into trouble - I guess everyone has to go through it at least once. I'll just accept it as a new experience. Bah. I worked on tuesday, normal school day on wednesday. Then on thursday, I woke up feeling really sick (a bit spewy) & decided it would be best to stay home. Anyway, by about 11 o'clock I felt fine again! But there was no point in going to school, so I used the day to catch up on homework. Then I met my dad at his work and we went out for diner & on to a tutorship information night. What an odd day! Today was a good day, & I'm in a really good mood. Its my parents 22nd wedding anniversary. How impressive is that? Makes me feel good that I'm a bit of an oddity - having parents who aren't divorced. Anyway, I worked tonight. I was on with a new girl Steph, she's really nice. I love new people, they're fun. Andrew asked if I could take over some of his shift, I said yes, & he bought me a teddy, how nice is that? I love random pressies. So when I finished work I went back and bought everyone truffles. I bought andrew coffee ones, Sam white mandarin ones & Ash Jaffa ones, 'cause he loves orange chocolate. It twas good. (& of course I have one of each for myself!) Anyway, that's it for now. Enjoy your weekend everyone!! // posted by Irene @ 29.8.03

AUGUST 22, 9:26PM

Okay this bit is continued on from last week, so if you haven't already be lovely & read the last entry first (confused yet?) Saturday night after the nationals (yeah we're the best choir in australia!!!) I went to Lauren's 18th at the Pot Belly in Belco, it twas much fun & I enjoyed myself thouroughly, much thanks goes out to Lauren & Co. for putting on a great bash. Cookie tried to teach cazz & I how to slut dance (scuse my french), but it really didn't work, I think I need proffessional help on the dance floor. Thanks anyway cookie! But I had a great time anyway, I drank about four lemon lime & bitters, damn I love those things! Then I worked on sunday with Ash & Mon, who played crappy r n'b on close, I'm on close again with them this sunday, & I was thinking about exacting my revenge on them by bringing in At The Drive In, but I've resigned myself to a bit of bic runga, so I can sing along, signing at work is great. This week has been a might bit stressful, lots of work to catch up on. Last night though, came as a bit of a shock. I came home from choir practise went straight to the shower. Came out in only my dressing gown and there's a strange young man standing in front of me waiting to use the bathroom, well let me tell you, it scared the living bejebus outta me! This man could've been a burgular for all I know, but all I could say was, "Oooh, hellooo!" & walked out into the living room. Turns out my dad had a friend from sydney over with two sons, thanks for telling me dad! Ah it was alright though, I just hid behind the computer & wrote my psych in class notes. Still, scary moment! I have the UC Tertiary open day tommorrrow, I have to bus myself there, slightly concerned. My map reading capabilities are not really up to standard, & I have to find my way from belco interchange to college st. HELP! One last thing before I go, you naughty buggers haven't been signing the guestbook! What's going on? Don't you care anymore? Have you no concern for my fragile sense of self worth? (have I guilted you enough yet? :) Happy Daffodil Day everyone! Love Irene ~ // posted by Irene @ 22.8.03

AUGUST 17, 4:32PM

Wow, what a week, I'm totally exhausted, here's the low-down. Choir, choir choir choir, is all I have to say. It has been a crazy choir week. But before I get to that, why have none of you been signing my gbook??? I am most disapointed, but I'll feel a lot better if you all make it up to me by signing it ! On wednesday the choir left to compete in the Albury Eisteddfod. Just to give you an idea, albury is about the size of a shopping mall, nice and um... cosy? Anyway we basically kicked Scott School's ass, (our main rival with a choir of almost 2000 people!) So we enjoyed that immensely! OMG! I ate more than I have ever eaten in my whole life, that week. Over the two days we were there I ate a serving of toaster croissants, a vegie-burger, a garden salad, fish & chips, chocolate pudding, chocolate mouse, jaffa's, jelly beans, crisps, a whole large vegetarian pizza, toast, vegetarian lasanga, chips, another salad, a berry-nice crunch yoghurt & spicy advocado & fetta dip. WOW! It was quite satisfying! Oh yeah, & the results of the eisteddfod were, Junior 16 yrs & under - 2nd, Under 18's - 1st & Senior section - 1st. YAY!!! On friday we had the National eisteddfod, very exciting!!! WE WON!!! The cry that went up was deafening!!! I was so amazed, Penny & I cried, & all I could say for like half an hour afterwards was, "ooh, oooh, oh, oooooooooh, oh!" It was quite amusing, we kicked Radford's behind HURRAH!!! Any ways my sister has to do homework, so I'll tell you more later! TO BE CONTINUED.... // posted by Irene @ 17.8.03

AUGUST 09, 11:56PM

Hullo! It's been a while! I've been a very busy little bunny, so here's my week with all the insightful intimate details! (& a little get to know me section at the end!) Sunday I had the day off work today & decided to do a little slow cooking. I also decided to get a little creative & invented my own recipie! I decided to make a vegetable lasanga (i'll post the recipie on my recipie page) I went to the fruit market up the road & bought heaps of fresh vegetables & cheeses for it, the shopping is half the fun! Then I went home and made it. I love cooking more than I love eating, so that's saying something! Slow cooking is great because you can spend a whole day in the kitchen if you do it right, & the flavours that develop from spending just that little bit longer & taking just a little bit more care are amazing! It tasted soooooooooo good! Thursday I had choir today, we've been practising for the nationals I'm really looking forward to it, & Albury too. Elyse, Liz & I (oh, & the rest of the choir) stay in a motel overnight for the Albury Eisteddfod. Lots of fun. Last time we didn't sleep at all, & polished off three large pizza's between us. I'm looking forward to the same sorta deal. Funny how I can't remember much about the actual singing hey? *lol* Friday Today was St. Clare's Day, so we had a day of festivities at school. The theme was Italian Carnivale'. I dressed in a sorta salsa outfit. I wore my old yr 10 formal skirt (which is red & green mesh ruffles), a mint green tank-top & a red jacket, very italian in spirit. It was a pretty non-event, but I enjoyed it more than I would a day of school. I ate potato wedges & spiders & sat & watched beauty & the beast. I'm not a big disney fan, but I enjoyed it anyway. After school I went grocery shopping with mum. They had no margaret river yoghurt, & i've been craving for it all week, I think I might have major withdrawls if I can't find any this weekend. Today Today I went to the library, (after a leisurely sleep in) I signed up for this thing so that I can order books & check the catalouge on-line - how snazzy is that? I was well impressed, finally the library is moving up in the world of technology. When I got home, there was this strange cooking show on prime which was like a concuction of all the best ABC programs. They had Nick Nairn, Ainsley Harriot (he's so lovely!) & Rick Stein (for seafood lovers). Rick Stein was talking about this pasta sauce (that jamie oliver made famous) called puttanesca (native to the napoli region of italy) & it turns out the it's italian for prostitute! Can you imagine? Prostitute sauce! I wonder why they called it that? I'l certainly think about it a little more next time I eat it that's for sure! Get to know me a little better! Passions: First & foremost cooking, (as if you didn't already know!) Then eating, drawing, knitting, in general I love creating. Favourite Foods: Tangelos (I ate 3 today already!), tomato, soups of any kind, 70% cocoa chocolate with peppermint or roasted almonds, sour or sherbet lollies, aniseed, citrus everything, blue&black berries, pickled ginger, scones with jam & cream, lemons, corriander the list goes on! Favourite Drinks: Pink grapefruit or cranberry juices, gin & tonic (with mint or lemongrass), verjuice (you're not supposed to drink it but its too good to just save for cooking!), Hot chocolates with orange or mint, Cafe' Latte's with raw sugar (strong on the coffee), & lemon iced tea. Favourite Music: Rufus Wainright, Coldplay, India Arie, At The Drive In, PJ Harvey, Elixer, George, The Streets, Jamiroquai etc etc. Favourite Movies: All time fave movie is Amelie'. My others include, Chicken Run, The Dead Poets Society, Dogma, Gattaca, The Cat's Meow & Spirited Away. Favourite Books: The Harry Potter Series, About a Boy, Willow Tree & Olive & anything by Bill Bryson or Kaz Cooke. More to come! Seeya! ~luv reeny :) // posted by Irene @ 9.8.03